The Leadership Enigma

141: Solving Messy Leadership Problems | Dr Katie Best

March 18, 2023 Adam Pacifico
The Leadership Enigma
141: Solving Messy Leadership Problems | Dr Katie Best
Show Notes

Dr Katie Best is an author, academic, leadership coach and consultant working with leaders on their messiest problems.  Her passion for leadership stems from the role leaders have in creating a world better led for humanity as a whole. Leaders need to find the balance between the here and now with the need to have great foresight and vision. We all have the ability to lead, regardless of role and experience, we all role model and we are all work in progress. 
This episode focuses on how leaders can solve their own messy leadership problems. Katie's research for her new book over two decades has identified the most common set of problems for leaders. They are;
1. Problems with ......personal effectiveness (achieving what you set out to achieve)
2. Problems with ......making good decisions (use of data, evidence, managing bias) 
3. Problems with.....influence (gravitas, personal power) 
4. Problems with.....culture and values (fit, alignment, role modelling) 
5. Problems with......performance (measure, improve, what does good look like)
6. Problems with......engagement (motivation, buy in, purpose) 
7. Problems performance (working together, managing conflict)
8. Problems with......leading strategy (debunking strategy, messaging, execution) 
9. Problems with......leading change (making it stick, commitment)
10. Problems with.....Katie is in the process of crowd sourcing No.10 with YOU!

Katie has also created a framework for problems solving these issues (The 5E Model) 
ESTABLISH: Identifying the problem initially and using the evidence to support and corroborate. Stopping yourself rushing to solving the wrong problem. 
EXPLORE: Going deeper into the problem and getting to the root causes through rigorous research
ENVISION: Finding the solution that is going to work and challenging your own assumptions. 
EXECUTE: The action plan. Who and what do you need to support you? 
ELEVATE: Using your knowledge and research, turn your analysis and thinking to become strong on this area of challenge and pay it forward to others.

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